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Fairness & RNG Testing Methods

Thorough testing took place on all products operated by MULTILOTTO before their launch on the website, including External Compliance Testing and Internal testing by our own Internal compliance team. Approved testing teams  conduct External Compliance Testing to check and verify elements such as Display, Functionality,, Transaction, Rules and Mathematics (i.e. Return to Player (“RTP”) calculation) etc., in order to ensure the compliance of the overall  product to applicable regulatory requirements. Subsequently, we did  Internal Testing  including Integration Testing and User Acceptance testing. This  guarantees  that the game performs as it was expected in terms of user experience once integrated into our gaming platform

The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) value is a theoretical calculation of the expected percentage of wagers that a specific game will return to the player  after a significant amount of plays (e.g. hundred of million game plays). While every single game play is by its nature random and unpredictable and it is always possible to win a big amount or lose your bet, the average return of a specific game in the long run will approach the Theoretical RTP value.The RTP value is calculated via either a theoretical or simulated approach with the method used, depending on the game type.

More information about the RTP of a specific game can be found by visiting the information section of that game.