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World’s most expensive SUV will set you back by $3.800.000

SUVs usually aren’t considered lavish and glamorous vehicles, but you might change your mind after seeing Karlmann King. This exceptional custom car takes luxury to a whole new level and you’ll have to cash out $3.800.000 to park it inside your garage. This hefty price tag will turn most buyers away, but if you’re dreaming of sitting behind the wheel of this formidable SUV Powerball could make it possible. Try your luck with this game to snatch €413.900.000!

Karlmann King was first unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show last year, and it kept on impressing the world as the company revealed new information about their ground-breaking model. Everything about its exterior screams power – it was inspired by stealth fighter jets, has polygonal body frame, matte finish and weights nearly 10.000 pounds! Its interior, however, tells another story. Karlmann King stays true to its name and features long list of amenities worthy of a king. Playstation, 40-inch TV, Wi-FI, integrated laptops, mini fridge, coffee machine, mood lighting and satellite navigation system – everything you wish for will be right there, because new owner can customize interior after placing their order.

World’s most expensive SUV

Even if you can afford a car worth $3.800.000, you’ll have to put your name on the list right now. The company is producing only nine of these vehicles, and it’s not hard to see why. Karlmann King was designed in China, but it’s being assembled almost completely by hand by a team of European craftsmen. According to their official website, it took 1.800 people to make this powerful SUV and accomplish the goal of bringing “an unprecedented visual feast and driving experiences to the global car enthusiasts”.

World’s most expensive SUV

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