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What is Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

If you regularly pay and receive money online, then there’s a big chance that you’ve encountered or read about Bitcoin. It’s a new form of currency introduced in 2009 by a person or a group of people that goes by the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. With Bitcoin, transactions are completed without middlemen- no banks to process your payments. Also, this digital currency does not require the sharing of personal details or banking information just to complete your online transaction. You just need your email and Bitcoin wallet to send and receive funds, thus promoting a more private and secure way of completing transactions. 


You can use Bitcoin to book resorts, shop for furniture, or buy PC games. With its privacy, security, and convenience, it’s now a preferred payment option in many online casinos. Today, you can use digital currencies to top-up your casino account or use it for withdrawal transactions. 


Multilotto, a brand owned by Multi Brand Gaming Limited, is one gambling platform that supports transactions through Bitcoin. With your Bitcoin, you can now play different types of lotteries from around the world anytime, anywhere.


Is Bitcoin Wallet Safe?


Just the way we keep cards and cash, we also need a ‘wallet’ to store our digital currencies. There are two types of wallets available- the hardware or the web-based Bitcoin wallets. Your Bitcoin wallet can also reside on your smartphone, on your PC, or you can keep it safe by printing the private keys and addresses. 


Is your Bitcoin wallet safe?

Well, this depends on how well you manage your wallet. Keep in mind that every Bitcoin wallet features a set of private keys that are used to access the currency. As a Bitcoin user, your primary concern is keeping the keys safe. Also, you can lose your Bitcoin through computer malfunction, by hacking or by losing your PC to theft.


However, the chance of these things happening is low. And if you exercise extra caution and invest in several layers of security, then you can keep your Bitcoin wallet safe and secure. For example, you can regularly backup your wallet, update the software, or use different signatures.


Here’s How to Make Deposits on Multilotto with Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies


As mentioned, digital currencies like Bitcoin are now popularly used in many online casinos including Multilotto. Here’s how you can use Bitcoin when topping up your account at Multilotto:


1. Register an account with Multilotto to claim your welcome deposit bonus.

welcome bonus pop-up

2. When making your first deposit, choose ‘Cryptocurrency’ as your preferred deposit method.

3. Indicate the deposit amount and send the link to your cryptocurrency wallet. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code with your cryptocurrency app. This process will take several minutes before confirmation. 

 bitcoin deposit

At Multilotto, transactions using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies are made simple and convenient. Check the website right now and see how Bitcoin can improve your online gambling experience, today.

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