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Using family’s birthday numbers leads to a $3.000.000 lotto win

Using family’s birthdays to pick lottery numbers is flawed, but very common strategy. It proved to be a good way to go in James Griffin’s case. This fortunate man from Massachusetts scooped a $3.000.000 Mega Millions prize thanks to using a special set of digits to choose his lottery combination. Follow in his footsteps and become a multi-millionaire in the next Powerball Max draw – a mesmerizing jackpot worth $750.000.000 awaits!

Mr. Griffin correctly guessed the five main numbers 1, 2, 4, 19 and 29, but missed the gold Mega Ball 20 in the Mega Millions draw on July 24th. You may notice his windfall is much higher than the usual Match 5 prize worth $1.000.000, but there’s a reason why. Winthrop resident spent an extra buck to add Megaplier option to his ticket, and that’s why it ended up being tripled. He purchased the lucky slip of paper at the Lanzilli’s Grocery, located in Bennington St. in East Boston. Griffin isn’t the first person to win a Match 5 prize at this lucky store – six tickets worth $1.000.000 or more were sold on this location since 2013.

Griffin was one of eight people who missed the jackpot by the Mega Ball number on July 24th. Single ticket holder from California succeeded where they’ve failed, winning $543.000.000 in the process. Their golden ticket was purchased at Ernie’s Liquors in San Jose. Owner Kewal Sachdev and his wife Kiren have already received a $1.000.000 bonus for selling it. They’ve owned the store for over two decades and never expected something like this would happen at their place of business.

“I’m still digesting what happened. I don’t know at this time how to react. In a couple of days, we’ll figure out what happened and what to do about it,” said Mr. Sachdev.

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