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Unique Gift Ideas for the Indian Independence Day in 2020

On 15th August 2020, India will celebrate its 73 years of independence from the British Colonial Rule. The day certainly holds a lot of importance in the lives of every Indian out there. It doesn’t matter if you are currently living in India or an Indian residing abroad, you might wish to celebrate this day with your friends and family. To make it even more special, I will list some unique gift ideas for this year’s Independence Day.


Independence Day Celebrations

Every Independence Day is celebrated in the entire country with the utmost zest and enthusiasm. Flag hosting is a vital part of the celebration that takes place in the morning. You can go to any school, a public park, a government office, or any other nearby place to participate in the flag hosting, which is followed by the national anthem. Kite flying is also a fun event that takes place in major cities where people gather and fly tri-colored kites together.

Apart from that, the Independence Day parade is also watched by millions on the television. The biggest parade takes place in New Delhi that is attended by the Prime Minister and features several proceedings from all the states and union territories of the country. Lots of other local parades also take place in different cities that people attend with zeal.


Unique Independence Day Gift Ideas

If you are planning to make this day even more special for others, then you can consider gifting them either of these following things.


The Indian Flag


The Indian flag is certainly one of the best ways to show your patriotic spirit. People prefer placing a flag on the front porch of their house or even their cars on Independence Day. You can even get a high-quality khaki flag and get it framed to give it to someone.


The National Emblem


The Indian National Emblem which is inspired by the Lion Capital of Ashoka has a special place in Indian history and its constitution. You can also get a paperweight or a statue of the National Emblem and gift it to others to show the spirit of victory that it signifies.


Mahatma Gandhi inspired objects


You can also find all kinds of objects like a paperweight, bust, and showpieces related to Mahatma Gandhi. Known as the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi is admired for his non-violent and peaceful approach that played a crucial role in the Indian freedom movement. These objects will be a beautiful reminder of his teachings on this occasion.


Any Patriotic Object


From showpieces of soldiers to freedom fighters, you can find several other patriotic objects as well. If your friends or family members follow the teachings of any particular freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru, or Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, then you can get their picture framed as well.


Other Tri-color based things


On the occasion of Independence Day, you can see so many tri-colored inspired things in the market. Apart from the Indian flag, you can get pens, wristbands, mobile covers, laptop sleeves, t-shirts, belts, and so many other things based on the tri-color theme of the flag.


Lottery Tickets


Well, this would be the most unique thing that you can give someone on this Independence Day. While you can’t buy lottery tickets from a brick and mortar store in India, you can get them online from a trusted source like Multilotto. 

You can simply visit its website or try its app to browse the wide range of lotteries that it supports. From Mega Millions to Powerball, you can get multiple lines for all kinds of lotteries from Multilotto and gift them to your friends and family. If they are lucky, they might end up winning a life-changing amount, and would certainly remember you.


There you go! I’m sure that you would have a great time this Independence Day while celebrating it with your friends and family. Though, if you want to make this day even more special for your loved ones, then consider giving them a memorable gift. Besides a flag or some sweets, you can get lottery lines of an upcoming draw from Multilotto. The platform is 100% safe and will let you bet on the outcome of tons of lotteries from anywhere in the world.

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