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The Ultimate Guide On How To Win The Lottery

Let’s face it, if you win the lottery you have been very lucky indeed! Lottery games are based around luck and the luckiest of all players get to hit the jackpot. Most people will have fantasized about how to win the lottery and what they’d do with the money if they landed the jackpot. House? Swimming pool? Exotic holidays? Helping friends? All those four things usually feature when people are asked what they’d do if fortune favoured them. Is it all about luck? In the main it is yes, but there can be a hint of strategy involved in tipping the odds fractionally in your favour compared to some other players, and we’ll take a look at these possible strategies later on.

Most players will select numbers associated with birthdays or anniversaries and it’s good fun having what you may consider lucky numbers, but it’s worth remembering no ball has more or less chance than any other of falling from the drum. Remarkably there is a gentleman in Florida named Richard Lustig who has won the top prize in a lottery draw on 7 different occasions. It would be nice to know how he picked his winning lotto numbers!

Play a lottery with good odds

There are so many lotteries around the globe, deciding which ones to play can be tricky. How big is the jackpot? Is often the first question players ask, and if you want to play in games with the biggest jackpots then you should be looking at US Powerball, Mega Millions and Euromillions all of which sometimes have jackpots that pass the 100 million mark. Perhaps a more pertinent question players should ask is: Which lotteries have the best odds? If you’re thinking of how to win the lottery then it’s sensible to play the game with the best chance of winning. This question can be answered in two parts. Firstly there are draws with the best odds of winning the jackpot, as you can imagine these aren’t going to be the ones mentioned above with the eye watering numbers. The Polish game Mini Lotto for instance offers great odds of winning the jackpot, with a roughly 1 in 850,000 chance of winning the jackpot should you elect to play.

marina bay sands swimming pool

Eurojackpot, SuperEnaLotto and Irish Lotto are others to consider if you like to play lotteries with the best odds of winning the jackpot. Playing the lottery is not all about winning the jackpot, of course the stories of monumental sums being won are fantastic tales but many smaller sums are won regularly, so let’s look at the lotteries with the best chance of winning any prize. If you’re looking for a lottery with good odds of gaining a win then look no further than French Lotto where the odds of a collecting a prize are a generous 1 in 6!

UK Lotto, El Gordo and New York Lotto are all lotteries with decent odds too. Interestingly Euromillions has excellent odds in terms of winning a prize, with 1 in 13 tickets netting a win, combine that with the sensational top prize and it’s easy to see why that particular draw is so popular. As you can see, when contemplating how to win the lottery there is a lot to consider before deciding which game to play.

Join a syndicate or create your own

One way to greatly increase your chances of winning the lottery is to join a lottery syndicate, or perhaps even start one yourself. Approximately 20% of all lottery wins go to syndicates, so it’s clear they are already taking a fair slice of the pie. Not only do you increase your chances of a win, but the camaraderie and social element of playing with family and friends can significantly boost the enjoyment of getting involved with lottery draws. Sharing a huge win would be rather joyous too! If you decide to run or join a syndicate it’s always best to have a designated manager, and this person needs to be trustworthy. The syndicate manager needs to keep the arrangement up to date, ensure each member has paid, buy the tickets, check the tickets and distribute any winnings.

Managing a big syndicate can be a time consuming job, but your chances of that life changing win are undoubtedly hugely inflated. Many syndicates have won huge jackpots, famously 3 friends from Maryland, USA won $218 million on the Mega millions draw in 2012. In the same year 12 bus drivers from Corby, England won £38 million between them. It came as no surprise that none of them turned up for work the next day!

Play online so you never lose your ticket or miss out on winnings

When contemplating how to win the lottery, it’s worth noting that some people out there will have ‘’won’’ the lottery yet never collected their winnings. Some people lose their tickets, forget about them or don’t check their numbers and never realize their dreams. If you play lotto online this can never happen! It really is the sensible move to play lottery games via Multilotto, your tickets can never be lost and your numbers will be automatically checked. We mentioned above how demanding managing a syndicate can be, the life of your syndicate manager will be made so much easier if they elect to purchase their tickets online.

Can I Play New York Lotto In Ireland

Checking a huge amount of tickets manually can be a draining job and errors can be made, our checking mechanism never gets tired and never makes mistakes. There are numerous stories out there of lotteries appealing for winners to come forward with just days left to collect their prize, and in many cases the jackpot can go unclaimed, that can simply never happen if you choose to play through Multilotto. Whilst you may think you’d never lose your ticket, there is always a slim chance it does happen to you and thus it is mathematically correct to play lotto online and increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Choose rare numbers so you have more chance of being the sole winner

A good tactic to increase your chance of being the sole winner of the jackpot is to pick numbers which are selected less by other players. Whilst each number has the same chance of being drawn, some numbers are more popular with players than others and if you share numbers you will share prizes! So many players elect to pick birthdays and anniversaries as their numbers, and of course if you are doing it that way you are limited to numbers between 1 and 31. Thus when pondering how to win the lottery it is well worth considering picking numbers above 31, as if you were fortunate enough to land the jackpot you would have more chance of being the sole winner.

People say lotteries are all luck, but as you can see here there can be a strategy involved to maximize your wins. In 6 number draws remarkably the most popular selection is 1,2,3,4,5,6 so whilst ticket holders with that combination would no doubt be whooping with joy if their numbers came up, that joy may be short lived when they realized just how many other Lottery tickets also had the winning numbers. So remember to increase your chances of being the sole jackpot winner by picking rare numbers.

Stay abreast of the latest statistics such as due numbers and pairs drawn together

Among the numerous things people ponder when thinking about how to win the lottery is which balls are ‘’warm’’ meaning they’ve been drawn frequently of late and which balls are ‘’cold’’ meaning they’ve been drawn infrequently of late and could be considered by some players as due. It is important to clarify that this really is just superstition as each ball has the same chance of being drawn regardless of whether it was drawn last time or not, however that doesn’t mean it can’t add to the fun to study lottery draw statistics.

Plenty of players enjoy having a hunch on which numbers are going to be drawn and it adds to their enjoyment of the game, and if their hunch is right then the rewards can be fantastic! Despite the draws always being random, inevitably some patterns will emerge if you look hard enough, and some players like to look for balls that are regularly drawn together and put both those numbers in their overall selection. For instance if number 1 and 11 have come out a disproportionate amount of times together a player may choose to always have 1 and 11 in their perm. The statistics for most lotteries can be found online, so why not have a study and see if something catches your eye.

If I win the lottery how much can I give to my family?

Not only do people consider how to win the lottery, but players will deliberate what they’d do with the money should lady luck shine on them. Often at the top of that thought process is how much they would give friends and family. There is obviously no set answer to this question, although it’s a question we would all like to have posed to us. It really is down to individual choice, although most lottery firms strongly advise jackpot winners not to rush into any immediate promises or decisions.

Some lottery winners like to hand out huge cash sums to relatives in one sizeable payment, whilst others prefer to set up trust funds and ensure their family get a steady income such as a yearly disbursement. The latter option is often particularly popular when bequeathing children with part of a lottery win. In some countries there may be tax issues when deciding how much to give to family, but as does tax issues go that is just about the nicest problem to have!

Play online at Multilotto and change your life forever

Once you’ve spent enough time thinking about how to win the lottery it’s time to put those plans into action and buy a lottery ticket at Multilotto. With so many games to choose from you really are spoilt for choice on our website. The jackpot dream may seem far off, but every day someone somewhere changes their life forever and there is no reason it can’t be you clicking the correct numbers and joining the ranks of the lottery millionaires.

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