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The Farnese Blue Diamond sells for $6.700.000 in Geneva

The Farnese Blue Diamond changed many hands throughout history and it even belonged to Queen of Spain at one point. Those days are long gone, but that doesn’t mean this exceptional gem faded into obscurity. It recently fetched a $6.700.000 price during Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. Have you ever wondered what it feels like owning a diamond as expensive as this one? You could find out after the next Mega Millions Max draw – €412.200.000 prize awaits!

Sotheby’s was expecting to get $5.200.000 for this beautiful stone that once belonged to Queen of Spain Elizabeth Farnese. She received it as a wedding gift from her husband Prince Philip V of Spain in 1715. As their descendants married into other European families, the Farnese Blue was passed down through various generations of royalty and travelled to France, Italy and Austria. Daniela Mascetti, deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Europe, was delighted to see that this diamond found a new owner capable of appreciating its beauty.

“The Farnese Blue is quite simply an unforgettable diamond, and everyone who set their eyes on it was mesmerized by its extraordinary colour: the rich blue of the deepest ocean. As was evidenced by the competition between bidders this evening, the response from collectors has matched our own excitement for this diamond,” said Mascetti.

The Farnese Blue wasn’t the only exceptional gem that eclipsed its estimate that night. Two other jewels went for even higher prices, and the title of the most expensive diamond sold that night belongs to a 51.71-carat D Flawless brilliant-cut gem worth $9.200.000. The second stone was a 50.39-carat oval diamond that went for $8.100.000. Daniela Mascetti stated that colour, cut and clarity of these two diamonds are synonymous with 21st-century perfection and concluded the auction by saying the timeless appeal of diamonds was reasserted that night in Geneva.

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