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Taking kids to a hairdresser leads to a $9.300.000 lotto win

When he made a quick trip to a local mall, one man from Hamilton wasn’t planning to make any big purchases. He just wanted to take his kids to a hairdresser, but everything changed when he spent a few bucks on a lottery ticket that made him $9.300.000 richer. Follow in his footsteps and turn your life around with an enormous Powerball Max windfall worth $750.000.000!

The anonymous man correctly matched the main numbers 5, 7, 8, 12, 14 and 29 with the Power Ball 7 in New Zealand’s Powerball draw on June 2nd. After taking his kids for a haircut, this Hamilton resident made a quick stop at the Chartwell Lotto Shop and bought a ticket on a whim. He didn’t give it too much thought and it never crossed his mind that small piece of paper could help him net $9.300.000.

“I just put the ticket in my wallet and got on with our day. Then I saw Powerball had been won too – but I had no idea I’d bought a ticket from the winning store, let alone that the winning ticket was sitting right next to me,”  said the anonymous winner.

After finally checking his ticket, the Hamilton man took deep breath to collect himself and his kids weren’t sure what’s going on. After regaining his composure, he asked them what they would do if they won the lottery, and the children immediately came up with an answer. Getting a puppy is first thing on their agenda, but a holiday and a new home are also part of the shopping list.

“I still can’t believe that I’ll be able to tick off some of the things my kids and I chatted about on Sunday night. My youngest son started jumping and shouting. I felt like I was in a dream!” said the fortunate dad.

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