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Spending an hour on this private jet will set you back $70.000

Flying first class is considered a luxury not many can afford, but it seems like those who have millions at their disposal don’t find it lavish enough. That’s why Chinese company Deer Jet prepared an extraordinary flying experience for their most sophisticated clients, who are ready to spend $70.000 per hour to be a part of this incredible journey.

In order to transform Boeing 787 Dreamliner into their own “Dream Jet”, this Chinese company spent an estimated $300.000.000. What they got in return was the most impressive private aircraft we’ve ever seen – and also the most expensive! Unlike commercial Boeings of this kind, which can carry between 240 and 335 passengers, this 220 square feet plane only has enough room for 40 people.

The space has been utilized in the best way possible, in order to provide guests with all the comfort they’d have at home.  The part of “Dream Jet” its creators are most proud of are its spacious lounge and dining area you don’t get to see on ordinary planes. After you’re done relaxing and enjoying food made by a private chef, you can head to a private master bedroom. It features a super-king double bed, two night stands, plenty of storage space and, most importantly, three large windows with breath-taking views of the sky.

Bedroom is to be used by the principal charterer of the plane, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the passengers don’t get to enjoy their journey. If lounge area doesn’t seem relaxing enough, they can spend some time in the back of the jet, where they can find 18 business class seats with a lot of leg room. “Dream Jet” also has its own master washroom, which features all the amenities you can usually find at a five star hotel, but never on a plane.

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