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Spanish Christmas Lottery aims for the stars with their new ad

Loteria de Navidad is one of the most anticipated lottery events of the year, and they really mastered the art of building up the hype. One of the main strategies of attracting players are their marvellous Christmas ads, and this year’s “Danielle” is literally out of this world.

Directed by renowned filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar, the 18-minute long ad tells a story of an alien who lends on Earth, takes a form of a model she saw on a billboard, adopts a stray dog, and wanders around Madrid. She ends up in queue with dozens of people buying tickets for Spanish Christmas Lottery and that’s where she meets Daniel – local tour guide, who helps her out after it becomes obvious she’s completely lost. After he introduces himself, the girl just repeats his words, making him believe her name is actually Danielle.

Despite the fact they don’t speak each other’s language, the pair forms a special connection. Everything seems perfect until Metro station stops working one day, and Danielle doesn’t know how to return to the apartment since that was their regular meeting point. Disappointed and heart-broken, she decides it’s time to go back to her native planet, but not before she finds a new home for her pet. Danielle returns to the lottery store, and leaves the puppy with the store owner who mentioned missing his dog who passed away. People around her are celebrating the big victory, and she waves them goodbye before running into Daniel. Star-crossed lovers cry tears of joy, and Danielle decides this is the place where she wants to spend the rest of her life.

Despite the fact it’s more ambitious and bigger in scale than most of their ads in the past, “Danielle” shares a similar theme – the real beauty of lottery win is sharing it with the ones you love. This year’s Spanish Christmas Lottery draw will take place on December 22nd, and it will offer around € in prizes.

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