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Share the Luck with Multilotto Winners

6 Inspiring Winning Stories of Multilotto Users in 2021 [First Quarter]

In the first three months of 2021, we witnessed so many Multilotto users bagging thousands of dollars. From Sweden to Germany, we have these winners from different countries who took home their respective prizes via Multilotto.


Extremely Lucky Mini Lotto 

This is one of the biggest success stories from Multilotto users that took place in February 2021. This lucky Multilotto user from Sweden has been an active part of the platform since 2018. He bought the tickets for Mini Lotto earlier this year and ended up winning a large sum of money. from the respective draw.  The probability of winning a jackpot in Mini Lotto is one in 850,668, making our user extremely lucky. It is one of the biggest prizes won by a Multilotto user in 2021 so far and the winning amount was directly transferred to the user’s bank account.

One of the lucky users from Pakistan won the second prize on February 12th earlier this year. The user was extremely thrilled as the chances of winning the second prize in Mini Lotto are 1 in 4,598.


One More First-tier Prize Won by the South Africa Daily Lotto Player

You might already know that Multilotto is known to have a wide range of lotteries from all over the world, and one of them is the South Africa Daily Lotto. As the name suggests, this South Africa lottery takes place every day. Though, on 5th March 2021, a lucky user ended up winning a substantial amount of first prize.

The lucky user is originally from Malta and created their account recently in December 2020. Therefore, in almost three months, they hit the gold and started their year with a bang. The probability of winning the jackpot in the South Africa Daily Lotto is 1 in 376,992 as of now.


The Third-tier Prize Won in the Germany Lotto

Germany Lotto is one of the most rewarding beginner-friendly lotteries in Europe that attracts a lot of participants. One of the lucky users of Multilotto also got the Germany Lotto tickets from our platform and hit the third prize on 15th February 2021.

The Germany Lotto is a bi-weekly lottery with the chances of winning the jackpot as 1 in 139,838,160 while the likelihood of winning the lowest prize is 1 in 76.


The Third Prize Won in the Germany Lotto from Germany

Germany Lotto certainly seems like a promising lottery as several Multilotto users were able to take home thousands of Euros from it. Another success story happened in January 2021 when a lucky Multilotto user won €4,307 from a Germany Lotto draw.

The user originally made their account in December 2017 and was active for the last 3 years. Finally, in January 2021, they ended up winning a rewarding amount from a lottery in which the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160. Though, the chances of getting 5 matching numbers in Germany Lotto are 1 in 60,223.


Multilotto: A Go-to Destination to Get Lottery Lines Online

Just like these lucky users of Multilotto, you can also create the next success story. Here are some of the major reasons why you should also get your lottery lines online via Multilotto.

  • Secure : Multilotto is under legal regulation and has been around for years, being one of the most trusted online platforms to get lottery lines.
  • Remote buying : You can buy lottery lines for any draw online, irrespective of your location (no need to visit any country to buy lottery lines).
  • User-friendly : You don’t have to worry about losing your tickets as they can be accessed on your Multilotto account via its easy-to-use app or website.
  • Direct transfer : Once you have won any prize, the winning amount would directly be transferred to your account. In case you have won a big amount, a Multilotto executive will automatically get in touch with you for future assistance.


There you go! After getting to know about the success stories of these Multilotto users, you must be excited to try your luck. The best part is that Multilotto will let you buy all kinds of lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can also buy your Powerball or Mega Million lines remotely and can directly get your winning amount transferred to your account. Go ahead and explore the lotteries hosted on Multilotto. You never know, you can be the next big winner at Multilotto as well!

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