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Powerball offers a spectacular $700.000.000 jackpot this weekend

Millions of lotto aficionados tried to become super rich this week, but all the major lotteries rolled over once again including Powerball. This amazing game could make you a millionaire on Saturday night, so pick your lucky numbers now and don’t miss a chance to become $700.000.000 richer!

The draw on January 31st resulted in another rollover after the numbers 4, 7, 14, 46 and 59 with the Power Ball 22 failed to transform someone into a jackpot millionaire. Wednesday night’s draw produced a total of around 570.000 winners who collected over $11.580.000 in non-jackpot prizes, but none of them managed to snatch the jackpot. Three ticket holders from California, Florida and Minnesota who correctly guessed the five main winning numbers that night will collect $1.000.000 each.

Powerball has been rolling over since January 6th, when a player from New Hampshire matched winning line consisting of the numbers 12, 29, 30, 33 and 61 with the Power Ball 26. It was later reported that the ticket worth $559.700.0000 was sold at the Reeds Ferry Market in Merrimack. We still don’t know who this mysterious person was, but lottery officials stated they received a call from someone who was asking about payment options for the jackpot offered in that night’s draw. No one officially came forward yet, so we’re still waiting to find out who’s the richest lotto millionaire of the year 2018 so far.

Powerball draw will take place on Saturday night, and if you’re looking for a new game to try out in the meantime Bitcoin Jackpot is the perfect choice. Everyone is thinking about investing into cryptocurrency these days, and you could become the owner of Ƀ1.000 (approximately $7.000.000) after buying your ticket HERE!

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