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No more overtime for Australian winner of a $2.000.000 prize

One man from Mandurah spent 30 years working seven days a week, but it’s finally time to take a break. He won’t be taking any extra hours at work after a $2.000.000 lotto win and will finally be able to spend more time with his family. You could also start working less and relaxing more after the next World Cup Billion draw – buy a ticket for a chance to become a billionaire!

The fortunate man was one of 10 division one winners produced in the TattsLotto Superdraw on June 23rd. It was a historic night for lotto enthusiasts in Australia and some of the winners already came forward to collect their piece of the $20.000.000 jackpot that was up for grabs on Saturday. When it comes to this anonymous man from Mandurah, he officially collected the prize three days later, after checking the numbers at a local store.

“I was grocery shopping and thought bugger it, I’ll get myself a few tickets. I bought four and it was the second ticket which was the $2.000.000 winner. I was pretty relieved to hand over the ticket to be honest, even though my wife and I had checked and re-checked it quite a few times,” said the lucky Mandurah resident.

Like many lotto winners before him, he plans to quit his job, but it’s totally justified in his case. He spent three decades working long hours without taking his weekends off to make ends meet, and it’s finally time to stop.

“There were days I was working up to 18 hours. This will help me reduce my work hours so I don’t have to work so hard – it makes life a whole lot more comfortable. This is part of our retirement fund,” concluded the $2.000.000 winner.

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