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Lotto newbie collects a gigantic Mega Millions jackpot worth $533.000.000

Some lotto players spend decades without winning the jackpot, but Richard Wahl accomplished this goal with the second ticket he’s ever bought. This fortunate man from New Jersey became the richest lotto millionaire in his state when he scooped the fourth largest jackpot in Mega Millions history worth  $533.000.000.

Mr. Wahl correctly guessed the numbers 11, 28, 31, 46 and 59 with the Mega Ball 1 in the Mega Millions draw on March 30th. One day before the draw took place, he went to a local gas station on his way to work and left with a Diet Coke and a lottery ticket. Wahl is not an avid player, but he wanted to try his luck after a co-worker mentioned how he passes the Mega Millions billboard every day, but never buys a ticket. This sudden change of heart made Wahl $533.000.000 richer, but the news about this incredible victory are still sinking in.

“We cried a lot together as a family. We didn’t sleep that much. The nerves, the shock of everything. I don’t think it’s still settled in for us. We’re still in a lot of shock and talking to our financial advisors, we have a lot of planning left to do,” explained Wahl.

One of the things he knows for sure is that he wants to rebuild a 1964 Corvette and help out his mom who is currently surviving on a reduced income. The rest of his family will profit as well, but Wahl is also looking forward to doing some charity work after becoming a multi-millionaire.

“We’re a humble family, and we’re going to keep our roots. We are not the type to run out and spend all the money and have a great time and party it up. It’s not only life-changing money for me, we want it to be life-changing money for others – family, friends, people in need,” concluded the $533.000.000 winner.

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