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How To Play SuperEnaLotto Online?

The SuperEnaLotto is the pride of Italy, a national lottery that has its routes back in the 1950s and the “EnaLotto”. It has created hundreds of millionaires over the years and its record jackpot of €177.7 million is the largest of any domestic lottery in Europe.

It’s no wonder that so many Europeans are flocking to play this lottery, and thanks to MultiLotto they can play it online wherever they are in the world. Like most major lotteries, the SuperEnaLotto does not place restrictions on country of origin, so players are free to bet from anywhere in the world, providing they reside in a country where gambling is legal, they are of legal gambling age, and they can access an online platform like MultiLotto.

To learn how to play SuperEnaLotto, and to discover all of the reasons why you should play SuperEnaLotto, keep reading.

How Much is a SuperEnaLotto Ticket?

You can play SuperEnaLotto for just €1.50 per ticket through MultiLotto. Each ticket consists of 6 numbers between 1 and 90, making it one of the widest ranges of any domestic lottery (the average is between 39 and 49). But as shown below,

SuperEnaLotto pays out to players who match just 2 numbers, as opposed to the 3 that most lotteries require.

  • 2 Numbers = €5
  • 3 Numbers = €26
  • 4 Numbers = €350
  • 5 Numbers = €53,000
  • 5 Numbers + Jolly = €590,000
  • 6 Numbers = Jackpot 

The jackpot is not set, but is typically over €100 million. The high odds, the huge popularity and the media attention that follows a booming jackpot all help to create record breaking prize pools.

super car

There is also something known as a “Superstar”. This is typically only available on tickets purchased from official vendors in Italy, and it adds some extra prize tiers to the pool. It also adds some extra cash to the jackpot, but it’s worth noting that the odds of winning the jackpot and the SuperStar are 1 in 52 billion.

  • SuperStar = €5
  • 1 Number + SuperStar = €10
  • 2 Numbers + SuperStar = €100
  • 3 Numbers + SuperStar = €2,600
  • 4 Numbers + SuperStar = €34,000
  • 5 Numbers + SuperStar = €1,1 Million
  • 5 Numbers + Jolly + SuperStar = €1,5 Million
  • 6 Numbers + SuperStar = Jackpot + €2 Million

All tickets purchased in Italy also come with an instant win game where players can win €25. But this game only pays out once every 500 tickets.

What are the Odds of Winning the SuperEnaLotto?

SuperEnaLotto has some of the highest jackpot odds of any lottery, but it makes up for this with more accessible lower tiers. The odds of winning the jackpot of this lottery are 1 in 622 million, several times larger than the odds offered by the EuroMillions, Eurojackpot and other popular games.

But these odds also help to keep those rollovers coming and helps to make SuperEnaLotto one of the few lotteries that gives players a chance at scooping a sizeable 9-figure sum for €1.50 a ticket.

  • Jackpot (all 6 numbers): 1 in 622,614,630
  • Second (5 + Jolly): 1 in 103,769,105
  • Third (5 numbers): 1 in 1,250,230
  • Fourth (4 numbers): 1 in 11,907
  • Fifth (3 numbers): 1 in 327
  • Sixth (2 numbers): 1 in 21

What was the Biggest SuperEnaLotto Jackpot?

The record jackpot on SuperEnaLotto was €177.7 million, which was won by a syndicate from Milan in 2010. Six years later, almost to the day, a jackpot of €163.5 million was won by a single ticket holder from Vibo Valentia, making them the biggest single winner in the history of this Italian lottery.

There have been several more jackpots above €100 million, including a €130.2 million jackpot in 2018. In fact, a matter of months before the record jackpot of €177.7 million, a jackpot of €139 million was shared by two players from Tuscany. At the time it was the second biggest jackpot in the history of the SuperEnaLotto, and along with a jackpot of €91 million just three days before the end of the year, it helped 2010 to go down as one of the best years for this lottery.

Play SuperEnaLotto Online at Multilotto.net

If you bet on SuperEnaLotto through MultiLotto then you can also get SuperEnaLotto results through MultiLotto. This lottery portal gives players access to a huge number of regional, national and transnational lotteries, ranging from the New York Lotto to the Powerball and EuroMillions.

Players can bet on all of these lotteries and more on MultiLotto, but they can also find results, odds, and statistics for these lotteries and others. It’s the ultimate lottery site, the place to be for lottery fans looking for information, strategies, results, and lottery tickets.

It is the best place to play SuperEnaLotto and to check SuperEnaLotto results, so make sure you click those bookmarks and check-in regularly.

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