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Celebrate the best Christmas ever with a dazzling $300.000.000 Powerball windfall

December is considered the luckiest month for playing the lottery for various reasons, but the possibility of scooping millions just in time for Christmas is certainly the main one. Many games at Multilotto are offering staggering prizes which could transform 2017 into the best year of your life, but all of them pale in comparison to Powerball jackpot. Try your luck with the world’s most popular lottery and you could end up with $300.000.000 under your Christmas tree!

The latest Powerball draw that failed to transform someone into a multi-millionaire took place on December 20th. The winning line consisted of the numbers 1, 20, 61, 64 and 69 with the Power Ball 20, and no one really came close to matching them all since there were no Match 5 winners either. A total of $6.333.000 was collected in prizes of smaller value by over 930.000 players who participated in Wednesday night’s draw.

Powerball hasn’t produced a jackpot winner since October 25th, when members of a mysterious family from Louisiana matched all the numbers to collect $191.000.000. This was the largest lottery windfall ever won in this state, and they formed a trust to collect the money on their behalf. They requested minimal publicity after claiming the prize, but said the victory will make a big difference in their lives.

“We are absolutely elated that we won. We are a quiet family and prefer not to be treated as celebrities. As for our plans, we like to travel and will continue to do that – may even upgrade a bit! For those that say you’ll never win, well never was on October 25th!” read the statement released by the fortunate family.

Your never may be today! Our casino game Major Millions could make you $1.185.000 richer in a blink of an eye.

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