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Cashier tracks down the winner who lost a ticket worth $1.000.000

Most people would jump at the opportunity to add $1.000.000 to their bank account, but a mysterious gas station clerk from Kansas isn’t one of them. After finding a Mega Millions ticket dropped by one of the customers, the kind-hearted cashier did the right thing and returned it to the owner.

The anonymous man from Kansas bought his ticket at the Mity Mart store located on East Highway in Lincoln. He made a quick stop at the gas station in Salina with his brother before rushing home to watch March Madness. The man gave the unsigned Mega Millions ticket to his brother, who accidently dropped it and didn’t realize it was missing before they left the station.

Unnamed cashier found the ticket on the floor and noticed it was worth $1.000.000 after going through the numbers. He checked the slip to see if the owner wrote their name, but it was impossible to tell who it belonged to. Since the ticket wasn’t signed, he could’ve easily kept it for himself, but righteous man decided to track down the real winner. He called the store owner to discuss the situation and his son helped him to identify the winner and return the ticket where it belongs.

“We had already been home for about an hour, and then went out and ran another errand. As we passed the store, the owner’s son pulled out behind us and flagged us down. He explained what happened and handed me the ticket, and I just couldn't believe it!” said the $1.000.000 winner.

Anonymous Kansas resident was one of many people who tried to get their hands on the Mega Millions jackpot in the last two months. Try succeeding where they’ve failed in tonight’s draw and a life-changing $458.000.000 windfall could be yours!

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