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Bunbury man will never have to mow lawns again after $2.000.000 lotto win

Winning a major lottery prize means you can do pretty much anything you want, including avoiding annoying household chores by paying someone else to do them instead. In case of one retired man from Western Australia, mowing the lawn can become a thing of the past after an amazing $2.000.000 lotto victory. A life-changing €109.300.000 Powerball windfall could also give you the freedom to just sit back and relax for a little while – buy a ticket HERE and it could be yours!

The anonymous Bunbury resident and his wife matched the winning numbers 1, 19, 20, 22, 32 and 34 in Australia’s Lotto draw on September 30th with a ticket they purchased from the Dream 2 Day Kiosk in Bunbury. They discovered the victory two days after the draw took place and immediately went on a mini road trip to Perth to collect the $2.000.000 cheque.

“I was meant to be mowing the lawn today but we thought we’d better get in the car and head to Perth sooner rather than later. Come to think of it, my lawn mower is on its last legs so a new one might be a nice little treat. Better yet, I could even get someone to mow the lawn for me,” said the fortunate man.

On a more serious note, the couple said they plan to share the prize money with their two daughters since they have a tradition of buying lottery tickets together.

“Every week we buy a Saturday lotto ticket with our daughters – we’ve always shared the little wins we’ve had along the way between the four of us and we’ll be doing the same with this win,” explained the husband.

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