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Being forgetful pays off for a $200.000 winner from Connecticut

Forgetfulness isn’t one of the traits people should be bragging about, but John Smedick Jr. is one of the rare exceptions to this rule. His lottery prize doubled because he bought two tickets with the same set of numbers after forgetting he already played them.

Fortunate Connecticut resident won $200.000 thanks to the state lottery’s Cash 5 game. Mr. Smedick has a habit of playing his favourite numbers every morning, and that’s exactly what he did on June 29th. He picked the line consisting of the numbers 5, 19, 27, 30 and 35, which are based on his wedding date and family birthdays. Playing the lottery became a part of his routine, so it’s understandable why the first ticket Smedick bought slipped his mind. This fortunate man didn’t want to miss the draw and that’s why he decided to go out and buy another one, just in case.

“It turns out I played it, forgot I played it, and played it again. My daughter went to the lottery’s website and saw there were two $100.000 winning Cash 5 tickets. Both of them were mine – I won $200.000. It was the best mistake I ever made,” joked the winner.

Smedick purchased his ticket at two different locations in his hometown of Torrington – H & H Mart on 322 E. Main St. and North Main Shell on 857 N. Main St. Both stores will receive a $1.000 bonus for the small part they played in his victory, which allowed him to make exciting plans for the future.

“We’ve never won this much… This is amazing! I’m going to pay off the bills, take my wife and children on a mini vacation, and put the rest of the money in the bank,” concluded the $200.000 winner after collecting his windfall.

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