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A Lucky Man Has Won 5 Times in the First Quarter of 2021

If you think that luck knocks only once, then this success story would make you think again!

After all, how many times have you heard someone winning the lottery not once or twice – but 5 times. This success story has been written by a regular user of Multilotto who has won the Quick Lottery 5 times and that too just in the first quarter of 2021. Let’s get to know more about his story and what makes Quick Lotto such a rewarding lottery.

 Quick Lotto


How this Lucky Multilotto User Took Home €10K+ in Three Months?

If you talk to lottery experts, then they would all say that perseverance is the key to winning big. Ideally, the more regularly you buy lottery lines, the better chances you would get.

A lucky Multilotto user from Pakistan also applied the same principle by being a consistent and loyal participant of Quick Lottery. Since anyone can play Quick Lotto from anywhere in the world via Multilotto, it has given a great opportunity to our users.

The lucky man got his first win of around €1.7K on 9th January 2021. He kept the spirit alive and came back to Multilotto to bet on the outcome of Quick Lottery. Luckily, right on the next day, he again won €1,015. Later, in January 2021, he won the same amount of €1,015, making it his third big win.

Since there are no restrictions on Multilotto, our loyal user kept his spirit and tried his luck several times afterward. It was on 2nd March 2021, when he took home a whopping amount of €3,870 as well. The success story doesn’t end here as he again won €2,400 the next day.

Presently, after winning 5 times in the Quick Lottery, he took home a total amount of €10,040. This has to be one of the most inspiring success stories for Quick Lotto, proving how rewarding consistency can be.


How to Play Multilotto’s Quick Lottery Online?

Just like our lucky user, you can win big in Quick Lottery as well since it is one of the simplest lotteries at Multilotto. The best part about Quick Lottery is that it won’t demand substantial investment and can be extremely rewarding with an RTP of 62 percent.

Now, you can just pick 3, 4, or 5 random numbers from the range of 1 to 11 while getting your lines. You would also have to put a stake on your ticket, which can be as little as €0.1 only.

The draw of this Keno-styled lottery takes place every 5 minutes, giving us tons of chances to try our luck. If you would get 3, 4, or 5 matching numbers in your ticket, then you can claim the winning amount.

The winning amount would depend on the matching numbers and the stake that you have invested. For example, if you have put €1 at stake and got all 5 matching numbers, then you can win €290 (x290 payout).

Here are the different winning odds and payouts that you can get in the Quick Lottery.

Matching Numbers

Winning Odds



1 in 17



1 in 66



1 in 462



Why Should You Give Quick Lottery a Try?

Even after reading this inspiring story of our lucky user, if you are still not sure whether Quick Lottery is right for you, then consider the following things:

1. Beginner-friendly

Since it follows a simple 5/11 Lotto system, Quick Lottery is one of the simplest lotteries out there that won’t need any prior experience.

2. A draw in every 5-minute

You don’t have to wait for days to know the outcome of the lottery as its draw takes place every 5-minute, making it one of the quickest lotteries.

3. High rewards and low risks

One of the best things about Quick Lottery is that it is pretty rewarding and has an RTP of 62 percent. Also, you can put your stake for as low as €0.1, which means you don’t have to risk a substantial amount of money to try your luck at it.


There you go! Now when you know how to play Quick Lottery, you can also get your tickets whenever you want. Just like our lucky user who has won the lottery 5 times, you can also create the next success story if you want. Just head to the Quick Lottery page on Multilotto and try your luck at the rewarding lottery as well!

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