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3 luxurious resorts fitting for celebration of a $450.000.000 Mega Millions victory

Friday night’s Mega Millions draw marked a life-changing victory for an extremely fortunate resident of Florida – they scooped an astonishing prize worth $450.000.000, the fourth largest windfall won by a player of this game. Winner didn’t come forward yet, so we can only guess what they’re going to do with this incredible amount of money. However, most people who were in a similar position in the past used a portion of their windfall to take their family on a dream vacation. Options are pretty much endless when you have $450.000.000 at your disposal, but we came up with three places that are ideal for this sort of celebration. 

1. Thrill-filled family vacation in African wilderness

luxurious resort 01

It’s no secret safaris are very expensive form of leisure, but those who want to replace rainy streets of big city with an adventure in African wilderness must pay the price. In case of luxury family safari in Botswana organized by the company Discover Africa, 11-day journey may cost around $7.000 per person. Those wild at heart who decide to go on this exciting trip are constantly moving from camp to camp, getting in touch with different aspects of African life in new surroundings. In addition to exploring wildlife during game drives and guided nature walks, the family also gets to discover the charm of Okavango Delta and Xakanaxa Lagoon in a motorboat, and take a safari cruise along the Chobe River.

2. Ultimate winter experience in Chalet Edelweiss

luxurious resort 02

Not everyone wants to escape cold during wintertime. Some enjoy all the fun activates the most freezing of all seasons may bring, and what better place to enjoy those activities than the Alpes. Courchevel, to be more precise – the French ski resort known as a current home to some of the most luxurious chalets in the world, including the prominent Chalet Edelweiss.

Reason for spending holiday inside this chalet is quite obvious – enjoying wide range of winter sports with your family in one of the most luxurious rentals of this kind in the world. Residing in Chalet Edelweiss, however, will make you feel like you’ve never left the comfort of your own home at all. It features all the amenities of a five-star hotel, including private gym, bar, night club, private cinema, and specious relaxation area with indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, and massage room – to name a few! The chalet can accommodate up to 16 guests, but they have to cash out at least $260.000 if they want to spend a week here during peak season.

3. Luxurious villas on the North Island in Seychelles

luxurious resort 03

North Island is certainly the most luxurious place in Seychelles where the next Euromillionaire could go on holiday – but don’t take our word for it. The fact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent their honeymoon there speaks volumes. This secluded paradise boasts 11 exclusive villas, each one tailored in accordance to guests’ itinerary in order to comply with every wish they have.

The complex features 10 so-called Presidential Villas – they’re set along East Beach, and occupy around 5.000 square feet each. In order to rent them for a night, visitors must shell out over $7.000. Villa no. 11 known as Villa North Island, designed specifically for couples, comes with an even more mind-blowing price tag – those able to afford the ultimate honeymoon experience would have to set aside $11.600 per night.

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