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$12.000.000 winner almost left the queue while waiting for his ticket

Everyone hates waiting in a long line at a supermarket, but one fortunate man from New Zealand’s got nothing to complain about. Queuing to buy a lottery ticket turned into the most rewarding experience of his life. He ended up winning $12.000.000 after his wife convinced him to wait for a few more minutes.

Lucky Aucklander and his wife went to Wanaka to celebrate his birthday with a couple of friends. After a busy day of sightseeing, they made a quick stop at the New World Wanaka to pick up a few things for dinner. The couple just wanted to buy lamb and a salad, but added something else on their shopping list.

“As we headed out to the car we saw the queue at the lotto counter and decided to pick up a ticket. It was quite busy though, so there was a bit of a wait – we nearly left the line, actually,” recalled the anonymous man.

The couple checked their number after discovering someone bought the winning ticket at the New World Wanaka. They were almost ready to fly back to Auckland and started looking for a way to keep the ticket safe during the flight. Their friend found an old box that was just the right size and the fortunate winner hid the ticket inside. He claimed $12.000.000 after coming home and described it as the best birthday present ever. The couple will use the money to help others and travel the world.

“We both love travelling and sports, so might treat the family to trip to Japan for the Rugby World Cup next year – or even the Olympics. It’s incredible to think that these will be options for us now. This win will go a lot further than our immediate family,” said the fortunate winner.

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