Playboy | Special Features

Exciting Wilds And Bonuses

The Playboy slot has a 4 level bonus game which is activated by staking 3 or more Scatters. In this online video slot, the Playboy Magazines are the Scatters and each time you stack them 5 or more times, a new level is unlocked. The first level is the Kimi Bonus feature, the second one is the Sofia Bonus feature and the third one is the Ashley feature.

The final one is the Jillian Bonus feature, and as you will notice while playing, the bonus features are represented by Playboy bunnies (girls).

To unlock the Kimi Bonus feature which also has a 5X multiplier, you need to stack 3 to 5 Scatters at once, then 5 times for Sofia, 10 times for Ashley which also has a 5X multiplier, and 15 times for the Jillian Bonus feature.

Free Spins

Upon activating each of the Bonus features, you are awarded Free Spins as follows: Kimi awards 10 Free Spins, Sofia awards 15 Free Spins, Ashley awards 20 Free Spins, and Jillian awards 25 Free Spins.

Bonus Feature

It is genius for Microgaming to use the Playboy bunnies as Scatters, which makes the game overly attractive. A tracking bar which marks your progress on the slot for a calendar year ensures that the next time you play and make progress, you can jump to another bonus level.

The Bonus feature is Progressive, where you need to keep on stacking the Scatters, and you can keep on going until the last Playboy bunny is unlocked to continue winning you money.


In this slot, the Wilds are activated in the bonus feature, particularly as you transition from the Kimi to the Jillian bonus feature. In the Sofia Bonus feature, you are awarded the Running Wilds feature, then Rolling reels feature in the Ashley Bonus feature, and finally a Wild Night Wild feature when you unlock Jillian. The Wilds (Playboy Logo) grows by more than one symbol, or stacks after every Free Spin to give you cash rewards.


The Multiplier feature is only present when you unlock the Sofia Bonus feature and then after you unlock the Ashley bonus feature to transition to the Jillian Bonus feature. In the Sofia feature, any win is multiplied by X5 while in the Jillian Bonus feature, it is X2 if the shifting icons feature is responsible for any win. If the shifting icon feature is not responsible for the win, then the 5X multiplier is activated to improve your win amount.